Soft Skills & Public Speaking

What's happening, really?

Companies frequently place bets on team leaders who are experts in their fields. They are usually excellent at what they do. However, in the vast majority of cases, they have never received leadership training.

Why does is this damaging?

The lack of knowledge in this area prevents the managers from responding to the new demands in people management skills, causes multiple misunderstandings, slows down processes, lowers productivity, creates general dissatisfaction and, occasionally, leads to frustration.

What's the solution?

In response to this growing need, we have developed management-specific professional training "Making Better Managers".

What are the benefits?

MBM assists managers in improving their communication skills with their teams. This is achieved by inspiring, motivating, and making them understand a global perspective on different business models. These newly gained communication skills then assist in bettering the product, and the general processes of the company, while keeping the client happy.

Why us?

We have developed a training

  • designed and developed in collaboration with our client companies' senior executives,
  • based on actual flaws discovered in the daily communication systems in the executives' direct reports
  • tailored to meet their needs and enhance teamwork in the workplace,
  • focused on the immediate outcome, while being highly practical, agile, and functional.

The program teaches how to communicate the different value that draws attention to the brand, both at a corporate and personal level.

"I am vocationally a teacher, but as of 2016, my full-time employment has been solely focused on counselling and training the staff members of different businesses. Hence why, I have an incredibly thorough understanding of the way in which companies work from the inside, ranging from the smallest businesses, the middle-sized ones and big multinationals. I perfectly understand their pros and cons given that I have acted as the link between HR, C-level managers, and their direct reports. I have thus been able to actively listen to all of their feedback, thoughts, and concerns, allowing me to identify their needs and personal talents. I consequently developed the "Making Better Managers" curriculum to provide each of our students with the soft skills that will lead to the fastest and most substantial progress for their own development. In other words, I understand what they think and what they want, with my role being that of providing them with efficient solutions."