Why hire us?

Try our program first hand and experience our teaching methods. In this session we will detect where you are at in your learning journey ( evaluating your knowledge) and we will help you decipher your goals, while developing the best route for you to achieve them.

Individual attention, positive and constructive feedback, and an emphasis on the PERSONAL NEEDS are what our participants value the most about our services.


Plus, our method allows to save our clients' money and time.


One can copy our curriculum, and provide similar prices, yet it is impossible to copy our way to care for our customers, and our way to help them achieve their goals. 


This experience is UNIQUE and deserves to be tried. 

El Regalo Effective Training  is a B2B and B2C training center. We assist our participants in consolidating both their personal and professional image, hence enhancing their workplace experience and optimising their efficiency. This is achieved thanks to our thorough training in soft skills, and our special focus on COMMUNICATION and ENGLISH FOR THE WORKPLACE. Our courses teach one how to provide an added value that attracts positive attention towards one's brand, at personal and professional level.


Trust us and allow us to take you where you deserve to be.

Best tip to measure how fast your success is towards your workplace goals.


Answer yes or no to the following sentences:


Your field of work allows you to

1. do what you want to do,

2. enjoy what you do,

3. help others,

4. create your own financial independence.


Answering NO to any of these, is what stops you from being successful. On the other hand, answering  YES, will allow you to boost yourself towards success. In order to exterminate the answer 'no', and transform a rocky path towards success into the smoothest of roads, you need to choose the lifestyle, the path, that you deserve. We go through life with so much haste, that we don't even find the time to stop and think about what it really is that will bring us a satisfaction of living and doing things. Sometimes we have a tendency to go with the flow, yet a flow that is found in the most chaotic environment, a life without clear goals is like a boat without a crew. There is no favorable wind for a boat with no direction in mind.