Welcome to "El Regalo" Video school.

Have you been years learning languages?

Aren’t you satisfied with the result?

Is speaking your weakness?

Do you need to expand your vocabulary?

Do you have good marks in your exams, but even though your good scores, are you unable to speak?

Is it hard for you to understand native speakers?

Are you stuck in the intermediate level?


If you answered YES to two or more questions, you’re in the right place:


The video school “ El Regalo ” will make your dreams of talking languages properly come true, as it deeply transforms your vision of obstacles that got in your way and don’t let you easily talk the languages you wish or need, transforming your problems into the opportunities you were waiting for. 

It is indeed, a powerful training that  gives you the power of analysing your previous results and efforts, defining your new goals and creating a plan to take action and achieve them.


It gently but firmly introduces you in the  Language Coaching world, that blends the academic knowledge with resources that give you the opportunity of seeing not only your barriers, but also the tools you need to transform your challenges  into your opportunities, it  selects the most useful techniques for you and it teaches you how to incorporate them efficiently in your daily life.


It is definitely an authentic “ present ” for you.