All the testimonies are real. May you be in need of any specific references, please do contact the individuals that have shared their feedback, either through LinkedIn or via their private email,  available upon request.

Anna’s methodology is different from what I had seen before. She puts focus on your real needs instead of traditional teaching. I do strongly recommend Anna if you want to improve your soft skills and become fluent in English. She has been an important partner for me to achieve my current role as a CCO in a Canadian company.


Aleix Figueras

Multinationals, sector Logistics

Es un verdadero lujo contar con Anna como preparadora para hablar en público.Era la primera vez que me enfrentaba a tantas personas y recibimos muchas felicitaciones, así que el éxito es compartido con ella. Me ayudó a estructurar la presentación, a organizar todas las ideas que tenía en mi cabeza (que quería y debía contar) y me generó una confianza en mi misma increíble. Además, las herramientas que me ha dado, sin duda me serán muy útiles de ahora en adelante. 300% recomendable!

Facultativo Responsable Genética Molecular

Esther del Nuevo Martínez

Multinationals, sector Salud

I was given the chance to participate in some—let's call them training sessions—from Mrs. Anna Valadzko. My English language proficiency was to be improved as a primary goal of the program. And I did, but I also discovered some other unexpected benefits. The best sessions I had with Mrs. Valadzko were focused on providing me with skills to advance both professionally and personally. In a short period of time, I acquired a number of skills that I never knew I could have and that I had no idea would enable me to make my time more productive, taking out of my actions much more profit than before.

Director General

Antonio Hernández García

Multinationals, sector Logistics

Terminal Manager and CODI Manager Area North

Pilar López Amenedo

Multinationals, Sector Logistics

Category Manager MRO

Òscar Bonillo Hortal

Multinationals, Sector Pharma

Secretaria Ejecutiva

Yolanda Saavedra Martínez

Multinationals, Sector Logistics

Control Laboratorios Externos

Pol Estrada

Multinationals, Sector Health

Head Legal

Mónica Comas

Multinationals, Sector Logistics