It is

  • empowered by the use of Smart Learning Techniques
  • based on each student's unique personal traits
  • combined with soft skills for greater impact
  • focused on the special needs of each student


  • video explanations
  • video examples
  • speaking practice
  • follow-up sessions
  • constructive feedback
  • work assessed in 48 hours

The PUBLIC SPEAKING program ensures success and  helps your customers invest more and consequently receive more value in their purchase;  helps one increase their confidence, develop a greater interest in applying more reliable, long-term solutions, and motivates their implementation and follow-ups.

The ENGLISH AS A CORPORATE LANGUAGE program encompasses communication in English as the vehicular language in the company. Knowing how to eliminate the English-barrier and turn it into an easy-to-use English-tool opens the door to professional recognition, increases one's efficiency, confidence and self-esteem and, ultimately, business productivity.

The SOFT SKILLS program is a professional training for companies. It is a course catered towards training managers in intermediate positions. It teaches them how to organise, present, exchange and evaluate information, KPIs and action plans, streamlining and optimising their work processes.

Trust us and allow us to take you where you deserve to be.