• Are you aware of know how much time and money you have spent learning English?
  • How about the time you have invested in building your personal brand?
  • What about your professional growth?
  • Satisfied with the results?

Please, allow us to help you find more time, save more money, and showcase your personal brand.

Discover how you can do it with us!

Which issues are we able to resolve?

  • we help our clients to better communicate, negotiate, persuade, and motivate others in both English and Spanish
  • we help them understand how to behave in a confident, precise and effective manner
  • we provide them with the skills to empower them through excellent soft skills and  public speaking skills, in both English and Spanish.

Our students use our classes to:

  • get international promotions 
  • hold conferences in congresses
  • convince investors and get offers
  • lead and manage international teams
  • provide excellent customer service
  • promote their companies in international markets

How do we achieve the results?

  • we analyse each participant's starting point, while assessing their personal profile
  • we detect the challenges that are stopping them from achieving the desired results
  • we use the participant's talents and strengths as a starting base to grow and expand
  • we select the most relevant specific intelligent learning techniques for each of our students
  • we develop a study strategy adapted to each individual's personal needs
  • we apply our method and discipline, persevere, motivate, inspire and transform our students' journey
  • we accompany them through every step of the journey.

Who hires us?

Big and medium - sized companies that

  • use English as their vehicular language on a daily basis
  • want to provide their managers with better trainings in sot skills to cover the new demands in the  workplace
  • wish to combine English and soft skills aptitudes in order to make the most out of the opportunities offered to them
  • desire a personalised training with a guaranteed result

We have mainly worked with clients belonging to the following fields: health, pharmaceutical industry, logistics and transport, advertisement, hotel management.

The departments that usually receive the most training are: IT, Sales, and Customer Service