Soft Skills Training

"Making Better Managers"


The training is available in both Spanish and English

"I am vocationally a teacher, but as of 2016, my full-time employment has been solely focused on counselling and training the staff members of different businesses. Hence why, I have an incredibly thorough understanding of the way in which companies work from the inside, ranging from the smallest businesses, the middle-sized ones and big multinationals. I perfectly understand their pros and cons given that I have acted as the link between HR, C-level managers, and their direct reports. I have thus been able to actively listen to all of their feedback, thoughts, and concerns, allowing me to identify their needs and personal talents. I consequently developed the "Making Better Managers" curriculum to provide each of our students with the soft skills that will lead to the fastest and most substantial progress for their own development. In other words, I understand what they think and what they want, with my role being that of providing them with efficient solutions."

by Anna Valadzko, transformational mentor

MBM includes

Training in 10 key components:

1 course to choose from the Communication Skills Curriculum

1 course to choose from the English as a Corporate Language Curriculum

9 Executive Coaching sessions

1 Linguistic Coaching session

Unlimited continuous and immediate feedback sessions (remote)

Annual access to the FAQ area with personalized answers

More than 100 hours of guided practice in the competitions

10 mind maps to summarize, visualize and internalize information

10 guides for the implementation of processes

10 self-assessment tools

Smart Learning Techniques

Techniques to enhance professional & personal image

Techniques to empower the corporate image

Emotional intelligence and self-knowledge techniques

Techniques for defining personal talents, and values ​​and aligning them with the business' needs

Training modality:


-> training on key components is online

->Executive Coaching sessions are via the Virtual Classroom

Training period:

10-12 months

Remote Training: 100h

Virtual Classroom Training:  20-30 h

All inclusive price:

999€ x participant x course, or

≈ 90€ x month x participant, or

≈ 8€ x hour x participant

The training meets the FUNDAE requirements for possible bonuses if the company wishes to use that funding.

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