Business Negotiation through the Elevator Pitch

It will help you if you currently feel

  • insecure and embarrassed 
  • stuck when it comes to Negotiating in English                                     
  • forgetful of relevant words when speaking
  • you often build incorrect sentences


  • influence others through an Elevator Pitch 
  • make Small Talk fluently
  • make an impact with your presentation 
  • use connectors when speaking                                          
  • translate concepts, not words
  • use correct words with ease    
  • build grammatically correct  sentences                                         
  • speak fluently                      
  • feel confident

learning objectives

  • Train students in regards to creative problem-solving for corporate communication.       
  • Train students to become more confident and certain under pressure. 
  • Train students to communicate efficiently in an English in work environment. 
  • Make personal and work presentations. 
  • Stop translating in your head and build sentences like native speakers do. 
  • Learn to give instructions and, make sure  that the message is conveyed properly. 

Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. The audience and its expectations. 

  • MODULE 2. The goal setting

  • MODULE 3. The pain.

  • MODULE 4. The solution.

  • MODULE 5. The benefits.

  • MODULE 6. The added value.

  • MODULE 7. The call to action.

  • MODULE 8. How to speak in Public tips

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#8. Business Negotiation Elevator Pitch
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