Business Meetings and Conference Calls with Confidence

It will help you if you

  • don't dare to speak and contribute  in meetings                                         
  • lose the thread of conversation       
  • freeze in business settings               
  • feel limited and constrained by your English  


  • follow the thread of  work meetings in English                       
  • understand what is being said to you                           
  • clarify doubts                          
  • provide information               
  • answer questions               
  • avoid and postpone answers  
  • speak fluently                 
  • feel confident


  • Train students to lead and attend meetings and conference calls with confidence.       
  • Train students to be able to follow work meetings, understand them, clarify problems, provide  information, answer questions, and/or avoid and postpone giving answers.
  • Train students to become more confident and certain under pressure. 
  • Train students to communicate in English in a work environment. 
  • Train students in creative problem-solving for corporate communication.
  • Stop direct translations in ones head and instead build sentences like native speakers do. 
  • Learn to give instructions and, make sure  that the message is properly conveyed.

Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Complete Guide to Conference Calls. Removing Common Mistakes.     
  • MODULE 2. "Charing the meeting” Practice. Expanding Vocabulary.
  • MODULE 3. “Dealing with sound issues” Practice. Working on Listening.
  • MODULE 4. “Agree to Disagree” Practice. Effective Communication Skills.
  • MODULE 5. “Contributing Ideas” Practice. Managing Interruptions in meetings. 
  • MODULE 6. “Small Talks before the meeting” Practice. Social English Language Skills.
  • MODULE 7. “Q&A Sessions” Practice. Asking for clarifying.
  • MODULE 8. A Big Challenge: Final Role Play.

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Conference Calls with Confidence
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