Micro Presentation for Work Success

it will help you

  • have been learning English for years
  • have been trying many different ways to improve your speaking skills                 
  • it’s still hard for you to sound like a native speaker  


  • achieve conversation fluency much faster  than normal         
  • master idioms learned in this course                                    
  • sound like a native speaker  when  it comes to the course’s topics                                            
  • translate concepts, not words                                   
  • build proper sentences        
  • open up a whole new world of possibilities for speaking English

Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. “Starting the topic” specific vocabulary. 
  • MODULE 2. ¨Sequencers  specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 3. ¨Adding Emphasis specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 4. ¨Contrast. Comparison ¨ specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 5. ¨Abbreviating ¨ specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 6 ¨Addition. Fillers ¨ specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 7. “Conclusion ¨ specific vocabulary.
  • MODULE 8. Speak Better English: ¨A perfect Sentence Technique”, “3 Filters Technique”

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#5. Micro Presentations for Work Succes
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