C-Level Conversation Drills

practice 1

The C-Level Conversation Drill method is specifically tailored for Spanish-speaking executives who need to adapt their English language usage to their professional roles. Through a carefully selected combination of techniques, we've developed a five-step process, each ideally taking up 20 minutes per day. Simply focus on one step per day, repeating the same step the following day if necessary, until you've fully mastered it. It's essential to keep practicing until you achieve the desired outcome in the fifth step. At this final stage, self-assessment is essential to measure your progress effectively and refine your results accordingly.

Step 1: Watch this video explanation to understand the origen of the common mistakes.




La forma en que se expresan los números en inglés depende en gran medida del contexto y de las convenciones establecidas. Aquí hay algunas pautas generales:

"Millions" sin un número específico antes:

Se utiliza "millions" cuando no se especifica un número exacto, pero se quiere indicar una cantidad grande en millones.

Por ejemplo: "He earned millions from his investments."

"Million" seguido de un número específico:

Cuando se usa un número específico antes de "million", se utiliza la forma singular "million".

Entonces, "many millions" se usa para enfatizar una cantidad grande pero no precisa, mientras que "125 million" es una cantidad específica .

"Income" se refiere a los ingresos, mientras que "incomes" se usaría para referirse a múltiples fuentes de ingresos o a los ingresos de varias personas o entidades.

Por ejemplo:

His various incomes sustain his luxurious lifestyle.

The company reported multiple incomes from different revenue streams.


En la frase "An income of almost 70 million", "income" se utiliza en singular porque se está hablando de una única cantidad de ingresos, que es "almost 70 million" (casi 70 millones). "Income" en este contexto se refiere a una cantidad total o global de ingresos, por lo tanto, se usa en singular. La palabra "an" también indica que estamos hablando de una sola instancia de ingreso.

Si hubiera múltiples cantidades de ingresos, entonces usaríamos "incomes".

Por ejemplo:"The company reported incomes from various sources totaling almost 70 million." (La empresa informó de ingresos de varias fuentes que sumaron casi 70 millones).



Al igual que "income", "revenue" es un sustantivo que puede estar en singular o plural, dependiendo del contexto en el que se utilice.

Singular: Se utiliza cuando se hace referencia a una única cantidad total de ingresos generados por una entidad o una fuente específica en un período de tiempo determinado.

Ejemplo: "The company reported a revenue of $100 million last quarter."

Plural: Se utiliza cuando se hace referencia a múltiples cantidades de ingresos generados por diversas fuentes o entidades en un período de tiempo determinado.

Ejemplo: "The revenues from their various business units exceeded expectations."



Step 2.1  Watch the video and listen carefully to the reading analysis.

Step 2.2: Read this text out load 2 times in a row.  Use The Reading Coach Tool,


I hope you're all doing well.

I've scheduled our meeting today for 1:30 PM as it should take us 1 and a half hours to cover everything on our agenda. I have booked my schedule for the whole afternoon, so we can delve into our discussion without any interruptions.

As you know, the transaction is only closed in November, so we'll be focusing on that aspect today. In this presentation, we will talk about ABC and CPO together. I also have to note that this is a pre-closing that we did in November, which is an essential detail to consider.

Moving forward, I'm pleased to inform you that we closed the year with almost 125 million instead of 119 million. This significant increase can be attributed to the rise in consumer prices, which has been the main driving force behind our success.

Furthermore, we've seen a substantial rise in income, with figures reaching almost 70 million instead of 50.5 million. This is a remarkable achievement for our team and demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Thank you for your attention, and let's proceed with our discussion.

Step 3: Apply Memory Trim Technique to the following text. If you don't know how it work, download the instructions tapping on the button below.

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Step 4. Learn vocabulary playing Quizlet.

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Step 5.Translate this text out loud. Do it verbally. Record yourself. Listen and compare with the original version. Repeat as many times as needed to use the exact vocabulary from this practice.

Congratulations. The practice is over.