I teach languages since 22 years ago, and as a good professional I observed that students have often the same problems when learning a language: they usually have a good  academical knowledge about the subject, however they don’t know how to use it. My Coaching for teaching studies have allowed me to create some authoritative resources to have solutions. If you learn how to find a time for your learning, you are constant and you follow my simple and effective tips, at the end of the video course you will smoothly and fluently speak the language that you are studying, not only gaining some quality learning but also enjoying the process. 

 My vision:

 My mission:

Top Language Coach opening you the opportunities all around the world.



  • Help my students to discover their talents and strengths 
  • Create a new, innovative, powerful and effective strategy to guide my students.
  • Teach them how to learn. 
  • Show that they CAN achieve their biggest and more important goals. 
  • Help my students to define their goals.


I decided to create the Video School “EL REGALO ” to help you to learn Spanish, English and Russian in a comfortable way, from any part of the globe, in a fast way and with the best result for you.”EL REGALO ” Video school gives you the opportunity of having some different, comfortable, funny, useful, with a great cultural background and 100% efficient.

Effective Training


I have created two unique, exclusive and high quality  programs that will give a deep improvement of the Spanish language knowledge. 

It is aimed at students between 14 and 18 years old who are studying Spanish in school and that want to travel with their family to a Spanish-speaking countries to eradicate the typical errors that stop them from their natural and deserved progress apart from acquiring the command of the language, necessary for the improvement of their grade in the IB or similar programs. It is going to be focused on the future professional development of the participants of the course.


These programs are highly personalised, so they will take place during only  three weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August, and have a total of 18 places.