🏷Writing Emails like a Pro


It will help you if you currently feel

that you are waisting your time  when writing emails                              →that you depend on Google Translator                                               →that you are not good at writing emails                                                    →that you use word-for- word translation   

After completing this course


you will be able to 


spend less time on writing emails                                enhance your professional image                                    use correct email phrases with ease                                     ensure effective email communication

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to communicate appropriately and effectively over email.    
  • Learn techniques and strategies to help students write and reply to emails quickly and efficiently in the workplace. 
  • Learn and understand the difference between formal and informal emails, ways to request action, and how to exchange information. 
  • Create Easy-to-Use Email Templates Catalogue.

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Writing Emails like a Pro.
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Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Removing Common Mistakes.    
  • MODULE 2. Expanding Vocabulary.
  • MODULE 3. Complete Guide to Business Emailing.
  • MODULE 4. Tools for effective Emailing in English.
  • MODULE 5. Smart Emails.
  • MODULE 6. Creating your own Templates Catalogue.
  • MODULE 7. Practice Time.
  • MODULE 8. Powerful Business Emailing Techniques.