🏷Listening: Make it possible.

It will help you if you feel        that you


don't understand what is being said  try to translate a specific word while listening                                                      don’t feel confortable telephoning in English                                                       can’t understand fast-talking native English speakers        

After completing this course

 you will understand


what to do when you don’t follow the speech                      how to deal with different accents                                        how your English Listening Daily Routine  empower your Listening skills                      how to open up a whole new world of possibilities for Listening Practice              how to lead phone conversations with confidence

Learning objectives

  • Promote strategic Listening Comprehension.
  • Listen for detail using key words to extract specific meaning.
  • Listen and respond to requests for personal and professional information.
  • Improve student’s understanding of the language and their pronunciation
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently on the telephone

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Listening: Make it possible
Course Content.
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Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Removing Common Mistakes when Listening.    
  • MODULE 2. Pronunciation as a key to boost Listening Skills.
  • MODULE 3. Lazy Listening Technique. Relaxing Practice.
  • MODULE 4. Shadowing Technique. Daily Short Listenings Practice.
  • MODULE 5. Three filters technique. Your English Listening Daily Routine.
  • MODULE 6. Guided Practice Exercises.
  • MODULE 7. Telephoning. Practice make perfect.
  • MODULE 8. Guided Practice Exercises.