🏷Removing Common Mistakes


It will help you if you

currently feel that you


don’t progress enough                        →speak with the same words               →translate directly in your head           →build wrong sentences                         →are stuck in the eternal Intermediate level      

After completing this course

 you will be able to 


provide fast and automated answers                                          speak better and with confidence                                   use phrasal verbs  when speaking                                      considerably  expand your vocabulary                        translate concepts, not words                                          use the correct words with ease                                      avoid false friends & common mistakes              build proper sentences     

Learning objectives

  • Train students to internalize  the correct structures so they come out automatically.     
  • Train students becoming more confident and certain under pressure. 
  • Stop translating in your head and build sentences like native speakers do. 
  • Work on the pronunciation and correct intonation.
  • Train students to incorporate Phrasal Verbs on a daily base.

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Removing Common Mistakes
Course Content.
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Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Removing ugly pronunciation mistakes.   
  • MODULE 2. Avoiding false friends when speaking.
  • MODULE 3. Word order: the basics of building a sentence.
  • MODULE 4.Common Grammar mistakes.
  • MODULE 5.Phrasal Verbs in use.
  • MODULE 6. Use of Tenses: English vs. Spanish.
  • MODULE 7. Expanding Vocabulary: “Kindergarten vs. University”.
  • MODULE 8. “Speak Better English” techniques.