🏷Business Communication in English


It will help you if you          currently feel



insecure  and embarrassed 

stuck in English  Conversation            forget words when speaking

build wrong sentences

After completing this course

 you will be able to 


influence others through Elevator Pitch                               have a Small Talk with fluency                                       impact with your presentation                                use connectors when speaking                           translate concepts, not words                                       use correct words with ease build proper sentences        speak with fluency               feel confident

Learning objectives

  • Train students in creative problem-solving for the corporate communication.       
  • Train students becoming more confident and certain under pressure. 
  • Train to communicate in English in work environment. 
  • Make the personal and work presentations. 
  • Stop translating in your head and build sentences like native speakers do. 
  • Learn to give instructions and, make sure  that the message has arrived properly.

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Business Communication in English
Course Content.
#2. Business Communication in English O
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Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Personal Presentations.     
  • MODULE 2. Removing Common Mistakes.
  • MODULE 3. Business Presentations.
  • MODULE 4. Small Talks.
  • MODULE 5. Micro Presentations.
  • MODULE 6. Elevator Pitch.
  • MODULE 7. Handling Q&A Sessions during the presentations.
  • MODULE 8. Effective Business Communication Techniques.