🏷Conference Calls with Confidence



It will help you if you


→don't dare to speak in meetings           →lose the thread of conversation       →clam up in business settings               →feel limited by your English  

After completing this course




you will be able to 



follow  work meeting in English                        understand it                         clarify doubts                          provide information               answer questions                  avoid and postpone answers                                    speak with fluency                 feel confident

Learning objectives

  • Train students to lead and attend meetings and conference calls with confidence.       
  • Train students being able to follow the work meeting, understand it, clarify problems, provide the information, answer the questions, or avoid and postpone the answers.
  • Train students becoming more confident and certain under pressure. 
  • Train to communicate in English in work environment. 
  • Train students in creative problem-solving for the corporate communication.
  • Stop translating in your head and build sentences like native speakers do. 
  • Learn to give instructions and, make sure  that the message has arrived properly.

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Conference Calls with Confidence
Course Content.
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Course Curriculum

  • MODULE 1. Complete Guide to Conference Calls. Removing Common Mistakes.     
  • MODULE 2. "Charing the meeting” Practice. Expanding Vocabulary.
  • MODULE 3. “Dealing with sound issues” Practice. Working on Listening.
  • MODULE 4. “Agree to Disagree” Practice. Effective Communication Skills.
  • MODULE 5. “Contributing Ideas” Practice. Managing Interruptions in meetings. 
  • MODULE 6. “Small Talks before the meeting” Practice. Social English Language Skills.
  • MODULE 7. “Q&A Sessions” Practice. Asking for clarifying.
  • MODULE 8. A Big Challenge: Final Role Play.