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                              From March 23 to April 20

5 lines of success for you  or what do you need to know to speak languages fluently ?

To master a language is possible if you know the 5 key elements.


You will discover them in the 5 sections in the video blog.




Simple but effective guided exercises in each  PDF allow you to take action immediately (to access them you need to be registered in our website or in our youtube channel) 



Section 1: Language Hacks

If you want to learn useful hacks about knowing

  • how to attend a phone call without panicking
  • how to be more fluent when speaking
  • how to understand native speakershow to talk in public 
  • and much more


this section is for you!

Learn this month



How to leave a voice message in Spanish.



When?                                   April 20th



                                             Section 2 :  Video Topic

If you love watching  movies and TV shows in their original version 



  • use our infallible methods
  • find out the 15 steps that allow you to take the maxim profit of one of your favourite hobbies


in this section created for you.




Watch film here

Guided exercises in   PDF will be available from

April 29th.

 Learn this month

Film: Pulseras Rojas



When?                             March 23rd


                                    Section 3 :  Anna's Talk

If you are curious


  • discover different cultures
  • learn about other points of view 
  • learn how to manage your time
  • achieve your goals
  • win and enjoy  your objectives


Take joy in this line created to offer an added value to our video lessons.

Spanish Greetings:     To Kiss or Not To Kiss?

Song Selection available from April 5th.

Learn this month

Eye on Spain.

Some Spanish customs that will surprise you:


To Kiss or Not to Kiss?

When?                             March 30th

How to Become Conversationally Fluent in Spanish

                                              Section 4 :  Spanish in Barcelona.

If  you want to take your formation in languages to another level


  • consolidate your knowledge 
  • achieve your goals in a record time 
  • be pleased of your progress


this section shows you the best place for your immersion in Barcelona!


Learn this month 

Why to study Spanish in Barcelona? Where?


4 important reasons to choose properly


When?                               April 13th

                                      Section 5 : #ThanksgivingAction

NON advertising space that 


  • shares useful contacts
  • unveils the invisible daily heroes that make big impacts without revelling who they are 
  • gives you the opportunity of  being  grateful to people around you. 


You get what you give , so don’t worry about what you have  received, instead worry about what you’ve given.



  • Be generous 
  • Help others
  • Spread the word 


My story: this is what happened to me


How my 12 years daughter stopped walking from one day to another.


When?                           March, 23rd

                  Make your dreams come true: Take action

Did you follow all the steps in the free resources ?


Did you obtain visible results?


Do you want to transform your weakness of not being able to speak into your strength ?


Do you want to attract opportunities and be free to choose your destiny?


Buy the video course to solve actual challenges in your learning.


Speak with success the language you've learned in the video course!


Remember : inverting in your education is an authentic gift for you.


Effective training is the best way to invest.



Buy the "El Regalo" video courses,

be successful.



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